While She Sleeps julkaisi musiikkivideon ”I’ve Seen It All” -kappaleestaan

Kirjoittanut Minttu Harju - 18.8.2019

Englantilainen metalcore-yhtye While She Sleeps julkaisi ”I’ve Seen It All” -kappaleesta musiikkivideon, jossa fiilistellään bändin kiertue- ja keikkatunnelmaa. Kappale on mukana bändin tuoreimmalla ”So What?” -albumilla.

Yhtye muistuttaa, että jokainen elää elämänsä juuri oikealla, itselleen sopivalla tavalla. Elämän nautintoja voi kokea vauhdikkaasti ja äänekkäästi tai sitten verkkaisempaan ja rauhallisempaan tahtiin.

”We’ve spent our entire lives traveling the world and absorbing experiences at a rate we really could never have dreamed of or imagined. Unbeknownst to us there has been an underlying truth to this unconventional fast track of experiencing life. That is simply we can enjoy so many of life’s pleasures and drink them all in at an incredibly fast and loud rate, traveling the world at 1000 miles an hour watching life go by in an exhilarating way.

Or we can take it in slow, staying close to home with family and friends in a calm and collective way, breathing in each day as it comes with a steady step. Your life candle can burn out in a big bright flash or it can be a slow calm burner. There really is no right way. From how we move through life we’ve learnt that there is nothing ’out there’ for you to attain that’s going to make you any more of an amazing person than you already are.

Whilst of course fulfilling your dreams is very important, how you are right now in this moment is absolutely perfect, and you don’t need to look out into the future to be who you really are.”