Born Of Osiris studioon huhtikuussa

Yhdysvaltalainen progressiivista metalcorea soittava Born Of Osiris siirtyy studioon huhtikuussa yhdessä tuottaja Nick Sampsonin (Asking Alexandria, I See Stars) kanssa nauhoittamaan seuraavaa albumiaan. Albumin tulee miksaamaan Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure) ja se tullaan julkaisemaan kesällä 2013 Sumerian Recordsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen viesti asiaan liittyen.

“We’re excited to announce we’ll be entering the studio April 1st to begin the recording process for this record. We will be tracking with Nick Sampson, and Joey Sturgis will be handling the mixing process. We are very excited to be working with these guys.

As for the album’s content, we’re gonna be doing 6 string and 7 string songs on the same recording for the first time ever. Aside from that, we’ve been more focused for this record than any of the previous. We’ve had 2+ years to write, critique, adjust and learn these songs, which is just something we haven’t had in the past with our intense touring schedule. Like the last album (The Discovery), we’ve been living and writing this album together and it’s made for the best, most focused Born of Osiris album to date.

What makes this release even more special to us is the fact that we’ll be releasing it on the one and only Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour this summer. We get to share the stage with some of the biggest and most talented names in metal. There’s no other better way to possibly start this record cycle. We will see you all soon.”