Crown The Empire vokalisti jätti yhtyeen

Crown The Empire
Crown The Empire

Yhdysvaltalaisen post-hardcore -yhtye Crown The Empiren vokalisti Dave Escamilla on jättänyt yhtyeen. Escamilla jäi jo viime vuoden lopulla yhtyeen kiertueelta pois. Bändi julkaisi viimeisimmän albuminsa ”Retrograde” viime heinäkuussa. Voit lukea bändin virallisen tiedotteen tästä:

”Bands are a lot like a relationship; you’ve all heard this. Sometimes when shit goes south, it’s hard to tell who broke up with whom, if you’re ever going to get back together, when to give them back their things – it’s messy, and it takes a while to figure out how to get back to focusing on just yourself, when all you’ve known for a good part of your life is sharing it with this other person.

Dave isn’t in Crown The Empire anymore. That’s how the chips have landed after the smoke has cleared. Everyone will try and make it out like it’s a big corporate thing, and say we’re ”very excited about the future of what both he and ourselves make as we all continue to pursue music” but we all know that when you see your girl or guy with someone else it sucks. The difference is that we turned to each other during this time. The four of us found solace, respect, friendship renewed, and our purpose within this band, and stopped letting our selfishness divide us. Instead we’ve come together, bonded more than ever to help build each other up.

We’ve never heard or seen Dave make anything, artistically or musically in the 4 years he was in our band, so we’re just as excited to see what he does make as you are. We’ve had enough time to lick our wounds and can truly say we wish him the best, but we don’t want any of our fans to think he was at the heart of what made Crown – Crown. I don’t think you’ll see him say anything different. Yes, – the ”members” as you know it of Crown The Empire were not the primary song writers, but to us, our best friend Brendan, has basically always been in our band, and wrote with us from the very first song. An architect can’t say he’s made a house without someone to actually build it. It’s not like some random person that we pay and say ”hey make us famüs” he’s literally a brother of the band, and that has not changed. We will continue on as we have, together, tighter, more creative, and more excited, amicable and finally free of negativity than we’ve ever been. Dave is an incredible talent that we’ll never be able to replace in our sound, but we’re excited to build an identity around Andy as the singer of this band once more, and we can’t wait to bring our creations to you.

Because at the end of the day, anything we create is ultimately not for us. It’s for a point in time in the world and the people in it. Thank you all for being participants in our fucked up little universe so far, and we hope that you all will stick around to see how it evolves.

With Love,
Andy, Brandon, Taddie, Tree”

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