Eagles Of Death Metalille lähtöpassit ranskalaisilta festivaaleilta laulajan kiistanalaisten kommenttien vuoksi

Eagles Of Death Metal 2016Yhdysvaltalaisen rockia soittavan Eagles Of Death Metalin esiintymiset kaksilla ranskalaisfestivaaleilla on peruttu yhtyeen laulaja Jesse Hughesin 13.11. Pariisissa soitetun keikan keskeyttänyttä terroristi-iskua koskevien kommenttien vuoksi. Hughes oli aiemmin arvellut järjestyksenvalvojien olleen mukana terroristi-iskussa, mutta pyysi myöhemmin anteeksi. Voit lukea miehen kommentteja aiheesta tästä:

“I got in a lot of trouble for saying that. I know for sure that they were in there early. I remember them staring at my buddy. I just chalked it up to Arab envy. You know what I mean? When a Muslim sees a cocky American dude with tattoos, he stares at him. I realized later it was Abdeslam and he was staring at my buddy because they thought he was a threat. There’s no denying the terrorists were already inside, and they had to get in somehow. During the shooting I went outside and the backstage door was propped open. How did that happen?”

Myöhemmin hän on sanonut seuraavaa:

“The media wants to summarize it, and important details get lost. The most important detail being when they started shooting, they were already inside. If they were hanging out enough to let three people go, then they knew security dudes. They knew bouncers. They knew doormen.”

“…Look, security guards backstage are notorious for being dicks. They check your ID every few minutes and nobody goes back and forth without being checked, even if you’re in the band. This guy didn’t care what we did. He didn’t even look at me.

The only time he seemed remotely interested in us was when he said to my girlfriend, “Do you speak French?” and “Where are you from?” She said she was from Texas and he was getting frustrated because that’s not what he meant. Then she said, “I’m American” and he lost interest. I honestly think he was trying to determine if she was Arab or not. She’s Mexican and she could easily pass for Lebanese and I think he was going to warn her if she was Muslim.

I kept opening up the back door to smoke and that’s usually a big no-no because of the sound ordinances. I’ve played there before and opening up that door to smoke got you in big trouble. This time, the security guy walks right past me and anxiously looks down the alleyway in either direction.”

Hughes kertoo myös tapahtuman jälkeisten kuulustelujen kestäneen neljä päivää. Hyökkäystilannetta hän kuvailee seuraavasti::

“I had pieces of teeth and human bone pulled out of my face. A girl got shot right next to me by the shooter at the top of the stairs who I had met earlier. She stepped one step in front of me and her head just exploded. It blew pieces of her teeth and skull into my face.”

Lisää aiheesta löydät täältä. Rock en Scheine ja Cabaret Vert -festivaalit peruivat yhtyeen esiintymisen Hughesin kommenttien vuoksi. Virallisen tiodetteen voit lukea tästä:

“Being in total disagreement with Jesse Hughes’ recent allegations given in an itw with an american media, both Cabaret Vert & Rock en Seine festivals have decided to cancel the band’s performance. We thank you for your understanding.”