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Lost Society Terror Hungry 2014Kotimainen thrash metallia soittava Lost Society keräsi suuren määrän kehuja debyyttialbumillaan ”Fast Loud Death” ja albumi oli ehdottomasti yksi viime vuoden kovimpia julkaisuja metallin saralla kotimaassamme. Nyt yhtye palaa toisella albumillaan nimeltä ”Terror Hungry”, joka julkaistaan huhtikuun 4. päivä Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Kaaoszine yhteistyössä yhtyeen kanssa tarjoaa nyt lukijoilleen viikon ajan mahdollisuuden kuunnella kyseisen albumin ennakkoon kokonaisuudessaan sivustollaan. Lue lisää kuunnellaksesi kyseinen albumi.

Yhtyeen vokalisti / kitaristi Samy Elbanna kommentoi albumin kappaleita seuraavasti:

1. Spurgatory: Spurgatory is the ’intro’track for the album and sets the theme for the album. It’s pretty slow and has these cool Sabbath-kind of vibes on it. The name has come from two words: Spurgu (alcoholic deadbeat in finnish) and purgatory!

2. Game Over: This song has killer riffage and tons of solos which is awesome. It has a pretty simple but really catchy chorus line to it! It’s a perfect start for the album when the drums and bass kick in!

3. Attaxic: One of the most brutal tracks on the album! From start to finish, the riffs just KILL! The vocals are pretty aggressive on this and the end of the song with all the double bass stuff is just awesome!!

4. Lethal Pleasure: One of the more ’Fast Loud Death’ types of songs. It has a really speed metal-y vibe to it. It’s basically like an 80’s heavy metal track on amphetamine!

5. Terror Hungry: This song is one of my alltime favorite LS songs, the groove in the chorus is fucking crazy! The crossover kind of riff in the verses blow my mind and the riffage in the end butchers souls!

6. Snowroad Blowout: One of the more straightforward thrash songs on the album. Has cool and really fast stuff on it! The song got it’s name from the incident when Mirko crashed his car when we were going to practice one day!

7. Tyrant Takeover: One of the longest songs on the album. It has a lot of different modes and stuff on it. First it starts with the almighty Slayer kind of riff, after that it kicks into the coolest riff ever and pretty soon it’s just wrist butchering ’til the end! It also features a really cool solo section, with the grooves in the middle!

8. Overdosed Brain: Probably the slowest track we’ve ever done. It has the catchy drum intro and when the guitars and bass kick in, it’s fucking unstoppable! The riff in the middle of the song is a really Exodus kind of BANG YOUR HEAD type of riff which I’m fuckin’ proud of!

9. Thrashed Reality: YY KAA KOO NEE! Mirko’s screaming in the beginning 1,2,3,4 in finnish. Awesome riffs, awesome solos, and an epic stop towards the end with a really murderous BLLLÄÄÄÄÄHHH scream! Step into the thrashed reality!

10. F.F.E.: F.F.E. aka Fucked For Eternity. The song starts of with a pretty S.O.D. kind riff, and kicks into the fast thrash attack pretty quick after that! The song is about a dude who just has nothing going for him, but in the end of the day, aren’t we all just fucked for eternity.

11. Brewtal Awakening: This one has the epic heavy metal kind intro, and the end of the song has probably the most awesome fucking groove riff we’ve EVER done! This song is Also (surprise,surprise) about a pretty heavy drinking night!

12. Mosh It Up: This song is pure out classic thrash metal! It’s an homage to thrash itself and everything about it! The chorus has the killer MOSH IT UP backing vocals and the solos are pure shredders on this one!

13. Wasted After Midnight: This song is about a REALLY rough nigh out, and the lyrics were made in one sitting while hungover.. The backing vocals give so much feeling to the track and Ossi’s crazy drum work and everything makes this a killer thrash track!

14. You Can’t Stop Rock ’n’ Roll: What can I say?! Twisted Sister cover, and what the track says is fucking true: YOU CAN’T STOP ROCK N ROLL EVEN IF YOU TRY!

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