Frosttide julkaisi uuden singlen ja lyriikkavideon


Kotimainen folk metal -yhtye Frosttide on julkaissut uuden singlen nimeltä ”From The Dusk To Ascend”, joka on kuunneltavissa alta lyriikkavideon muodossa. Kappale on tulee löytymään yhtyeen tulevalta kolmannelta studioalbumilta ja se on samalla bändin ensimmäinen julkaisu sitten perustajajäsen Joni Snoron sekä basisti Lauri Myllylän erottamisen viime lokakuussa.

Nimikkokappaleensa lisäksi single pitää sisällään kaksi bonusraitaa ja voit lukea tästä bändin kommentteja biiseihin liittyen:

1. From Dusk To Ascend:

”This is a completely brand new track that will be featured in our forthcoming album. From Dusk To Ascend felt to be the right choice for the single. It has the traditional Frosttide sound and still gives a good representation of the new elements and sound that will be heard in our new album. For this track we wanted to keep a more organic sound for the band and not rely entirely on orchestrations.

”Guitars are more prominent than in our previous material but fear not! Keyboards are strongly present in this track providing the atmospheric landscape and bombastic elements for these aggressive riffs and powerful drumming together with a brand new voice. We are very happy how this track turned out!”

2. Assault:

”Originally published on the EP ”Our Journey”, we always wanted to revisit this song and record it with the current sound of the band. So we finally did it during these recording sessions and we bring it to you as a bonus track for this single release! It is great to have this track back in the set and we look forward to play it live with these new arrangements!”

3. Lodi (CCR Cover):

”The mandatory cover! Ever felt trapped in your hometown and dreamed to travel around the world? You know, play some shows, have some Caipirinhas in Brazil or enjoy some cold beers at Oktoberfest in Germany? Well… this is the story of this guy! Or sort of!

”Originally composed by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival, the song tells about a touring musician that is stuck in a small town where nobody appreciates his music leaving him unable to raise enough money to leave town.

”This is probably the cover that we had most fun recording! We wanted to keep the essence of the original song but we also infused couple of new elements musically to add some flavour the story told in the lyrics. Listen to this cover and you’ll know what we are talking about!”

Singlen kansitaiteen on kuvittanut Whispered-yhtyeestä tuttu Jouni Valjakka ja voit katsoa sen tästä: