Kataklysm jatkoi sopimustaan Nuclear Blastin kanssa: uusi albumi luvassa huhtikuussa

Kanadalainen pitkän linjan metalliyhtye Kataklysm on jatkanut sopimustaan Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa. Yhtye on julkaisemassa seuraavaa ”Meditations” -nimistä albumiaan huhtikuussa 2018 Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Voit katsoa albumin trailerin tästä:

Yhtyeen laulaja Maurizio Iacono on kommentoinut yhteistyötä Nuclear Blastin kanssa seuraavasti:

”It’s hard to believe so many years have passed. It all feels like yesterday we released our first album, ’Sorcery’. Today, we stand here as a humbled band with lots to be thankful for, one of those deserving of our gratitude is our label Nuclear Blast and the people who work there. They have always stood behind KATAKLYSM from the day they discovered us as teenagers. Fast forward 25 years to their current staff, who are just discovering us. We now re-sign with our home label for the fifth time and stand on top of our game together.

”There is no better way to celebrate this moment but by releasing a new album. We have secretly been preparing and working throughout the entire year — similar to the way we wrote our classics ’In The Arms Of Devastation’, ’Shadows & Dust’ and ’Serenity In Fire’ — using the best technology available: a rehearsal room, garages and our basements. Just like we did when we first started, four guys with a passion for metal, instruments and no outside world to influence us — only now with way more experience. We believe we created one of our strongest and most honest album to date. You will be the judge in 2018 like it should be. Our words don’t matter but know this, we are coming out guns blazing in 2018!”