Killswitch Engagen vokalisti Jesse Leach perustanut uuden punk-yhtyeen


Jesse Leach

Yhdysvaltalaisen metalcore-jätti Killswitch Engagen vokalisti Jesse Leach on perustanut uuden punk/hardcore-yhtyeen, jossa vaikuttaa hänen lisäkseen kolme muuta toistaiseksi nimeämätöntä muusikkoa. Leachin mukaan projekti perustettiin puhtaasti halusta soittaa ja se toimii hänelle kanavana muihin yhtyeihinsä sopimattomille ideoille. Leach tiedotti aiheesta Instagram-tilillään.

It’s been a long time coming man! Woke up with a fire in my heart! These 4 albums serve as inspiration for a jam session today with 3 killer humans! Don’t tell anyone 😜but I’ve put together a punk hardcore band/project for fun and today is our first jam session here in NY! To say I’m excited is a vast understatement! Now I just need to hack my car out of a couple of feet of ice! Stay tuned, you know I gotta big mouth on here and I’ll drop details or a sample track as soon as I have them. This is a side project and it is being done for the pure enjoyment of playing. It is also a necessary outlet for a singing/yelling style and lyrics I can’t fit into any other band or project I’ve ever done. My 15 year old self is quite proud of me! GO!!!!!!! ✊🏼☠️ . #HardcorePride #UpThePunx #ProtestMusic #Friends #Passion #PMA #Hardcore #Punk #Bands #MinorThreat #7Seconds #BlackFlag #discharge #JesseLeach #FedUp #SpeakOut #Anarchy #Stoked #FightBack #TheWeapon

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