Madballin kitaristi: ”On kunnia olla kiertueella Kornin sekä Limp Bizkitin kanssa”

Yhdysvaltalainen hardcorea soittava Madball kiersi hiljattain englannissa kiertueella yhdessä Limp Bizkitin sekä Kornin kanssa. Yhtyeen kitaristi Brian ”Mitts” Daniels on antanut kiertueen yhteydessä videohaastattelun Mike James Radio Show:lle, jossa on yltynyt kehumaan kiertuetta yhdeksi yhtyeen suurimmista koskaan. Mitts on samaisessa haastattelussa todennut yhtyeelle olevan suuri kunnia keikkailla Kornin sekä Limp Bizkitin kanssa. Voit lukea Mittsin kertomuksen kuinka yhtye päätyi mukaan kiertueeseen tästä:

”We got invited to come out on this. To give you the back story, one of our boys works in the LIMP BIZKIT camp as a security guy. Over the summer, LIMP BIZKIT played on some festivals with AGNOSTIC FRONT, and so the topic of hardcore bands came up, and Fred [Durst, LIMP BIZKIT frontman] was, like, ’Oh yeah, I remember AGNOSTIC FRONT. I love them.’ We would have never known. Then our friend who is with him was, like, ’Check out MADBALL,’ and he checked us out and said ’I like these guys.’ Then, a couple of months later, we were on the road with our friend, the one I’m talking about, our boy Chris, and he’s, like, ’Hey, this guy texted me last night. He wants you to come on tour.’ He invited us out on this tour.”

Kysyttäessä uskooko Brian ”Mitts” Daniels yhtyeen saavan paljon uusia faneja tämän kiertueen aikana kertoi Mitts seuraavaa:

”That’s why we’re here. I look at the faces out there and it’s, like, we’ve done five of these shows, and tomorrow night is the last night. We got the center in there, and it might be 15 or 20 of them, it might be 50 or 60; it doesn’t matter. I see our t-shirts in there and hardcore kids, and they’re in that pit, getting it going. We give them all the credit in the world. This is a pricy ticket, especially if those kids aren’t the type of people… maybe we’re the only band they want to see. To spend that money to come see us, we’re unbelievably flattered by that. I don’t want to say that our fans wouldn’t like KORN or LIMP BIZKIT. I like those bands. Over the years, it’s not my main thing I listen to, but I respect those bands. I would listen to a band like that on my iPod. I’m saying that maybe our average fan, this is like, ’Oh, those guys are playing with them…’ but for them to come out here and spend the money on the ticket and get in the pit and show us respect and go off for us, we are unbelievably grateful.”