Monipuolinen muusikko laulaa Led Zeppelinin ”Black Dog”-kappaleen samalla, kun soittaa rumpuja ja kitaraa

Youtube-käyttäjä Dominic Fragman on hiljattain julkaissut uuden videon, jossa soittaa yksin legendaarisen Led Zeppelinin vuonna 1971 ilmestyneen ”Black Dog” -kappaleen. Erikoiseksi soiton tekee se, että Fragman toteuttaa rumpu-, kitara- ja lauluosuudet samanaikaisesti.

Fragman kommentoi ”Black Dog” -kappaletta Classic Rock -medialle:

”This was a really exciting tune to tackle. The song itself is such a monumental song from such a monumental band. A rock institution: Led Zeppelin. When I was in the 8th grade I received a Zeppelin Box Set for Christmas (my parent’s are awesome!).”

”I used to play discs from that set non stop. I was totally taken in by tunes like Since I Been Loving You, Achilles Last Stand, Kashmir, No Quarter. I loved it all. Of course all that came after the initial barbed hooks of Rock And Roll, Whole Lotta Love, Misty Mountain Hop, Dazed and Confused, and Communication Breakdown. I knew I’d be a lifer. But there was always something about Black Dog. Like so many of their tunes, it just oozes. You can feel it go down your spine. It seems like such a great choice for the Solo Trio.”

”I knew it would be difficult. But, Man! It kicked my ass! I had to work out how to execute things I had not yet executed; with a kind of meticulousness I had not yet given to this endeavour. It was frustrating but it was exciting. I learned a lot. I discovered how to include certain simultaneous moves that I hadn’t yet gotten into. I had to focus more than I had focused on somebody else’s music so far. It was a great experience. I have grown because of it which is my favourite thing to do!

”I hope people enjoy it and let me know what they want to hear next!”

Vuonna 2015 julkaistu livevideo, jossa Dominic Fragman soittaa Black Sabbathin ”War Pigs” -kappaleen

Uutiskuva: Youtube-video

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