Sharpooth julkaisi uuden kappaleen nimeltään ”Fuck You Donald Trump”


Hiljattain levytyssopimuksen Pure Noise -yhtiön kanssa solminut, melodista hardcorea esittävä Sharptooth valmistelee parhaillaan tulevaa,  27.10. julkaistavaa debyyttialbumiaan ”Clever Girl”. Nyt bändi on julkaissut uuden kappaleen nimeltään ”Fuck You Donald Trump”, jota bändin keulakuva Lauren Kashan kuvailee näin:

”It’s definitely more of a general anthem against the administration, but I know that many of us as individuals have observed specific things that Trump has done that affected us each differently. For me personally, the thing that impacted me the most was all of the sexual assault allegations against him and the flippancy with which his comments against women have been treated by his administration and the people who voted for him.”