Sikth julkaisi musiikkivideon uudesta kappaleesta

Englantilainen progemetalliyhtye Sikth julkaisee kesäkuun 2. pivänä odotetun uuden albuminsa ”The Future In Whose Eyes?”, jolla vierailee Peripheryn laulaja Spencer Sotelo. Levyltä on nyt julkaistu musiikkivideon muodossa uusi kappale nimeltä ”Golden Cufflinks” ja voit kuunnella sen tästä:

Yhtyeen vokalisti Mikee W. Goodman on kertonut kappaleesta seuraavaa:

”The song is very melodic and is a very different type of song for SIKTH fans to hear. Even though there are extremely aggressive moments on the new album, this song has a real epic and melodic feel to it.”

”When I wrote the lyrics for ’Golden Cufflinks’, they were initially inspired by the amount of live music venues that are being closed and a feeling that rock culture is in decline,” Goodman said. ”The venue which sticks out to me the most is the famous London Astoria. Some of the best SIKTH shows were in the LA2 and main Astoria. I went a lot as a fan as well. So when that was closed and knocked down to make way for Crossrail, it really was a sad and defining moment in rock history for me and many others.”

”I think places of such rich history and cultural importance should be protected and preserved. I see this happening across the country and world — so many other venues being shut down and how scenes and golden eras come and go. How we have to move along or do it seems.”

”You see the businessmen buying up cities to turn them into the most profitable and bland form. It follows a similar theme from our song ’Bland Street Bloom’ from ’Death Of A Dead Day’. This happens in many cities; it is not just about London. ’Golden Cufflinks’ is a reflection and commentary of this kind of happening.”

Aiemmin julkaistun lyriikkavideon ”Vivid”-kappaleesta voit katsoa tästä: