Stray From The Path sai uuden albuminsa nauhoitukset valmiiksi: Luvassa vihaisempaa materiaalia

Stray From The Path
Stray From The Path

Yhdysvaltalainen hardcore -yhtye Stray From The Path on saanut tulevan albuminsa nauhoitukset valmiiksi. Järjestyksessän bändin kahdeksas albumi on jatkoa vuoden 2015 levylle ”Subliminal Criminals”. Uuden albumin on tuottanut, miksannut sekä masteroinut Will Putney (Body Count, The Acacia Strain, Miss May I) yhdessä Jesse Barnettin (Stick To Your Guns) kanssa.

Bändin vokalisti Drew York kommentoi nauhoituksia näin:

”Having our new drummer Craig Reynolds in the studio made for a different experience going into it, but Craig is an absolute maniac and he smashed it!! We also pushed ourselves harder than we ever have before working 12, sometimes 16 hours a day; there was a couple of times I thought I was losing my mind, haha.

”Going back to Will Putney was an obvious choice for us because he is a genius and plays a huge part in the aesthetic of this band. We also had our good friend Jesse Barnett do some vocal production and it was great having him there, shooting ideas around, and getting involved with everything.

”To wrap it up, if I could describe the record in a few words I would say that it is the heaviest, most pissed off, and relentless record this band has ever made. And that makes me very happy.”