The Cultilta koskettava tribuutti Soundgardenin Chris Cornellille

Vuonna 1983 perustettu brittiläinen raskaan rockin jättiläinen The Cult on kantanut oman kortensa kekoon Chris Cornellin äkillisen menehtymisen takia soittamalla koskettavan version ”Sound And Fury” -kappaleesta omistettuna edesmenneelle grungen legendalle. Voit katsoa videon esityksestä tästä:

The Cultin laulaja Ian Astbury esitteli kappaleen seuraavasti:

”Today is a very hard day for us. Chris Cornell… If you’ve got tears, now is the time to let it go. Everything — fucking everything. All of it. All the shame, all the fucking regret, the things you didn’t do, the people you didn’t tell that you loved that left, the girl that left, the guy that left. Young brother, life, it’s profound, it’s fragile. You know, we all make choices.

”This is a song that we don’t even know, really, but we’re gonna do it tonight for Chris, for his family, for you guys, who are fans, friends. We’re gonna try and see if this comes off. I’m gonna have to use the paper. This is for the Cornell family, for Susan Silver, for the children. This is ’Sound And Fury’.”