Thrash-veteraani Destruction julkaisi ensimmäisen trailerin tulevasta kokoelmastaan

Saksalainen thrash metal -veteraani Destruction aikoo julkaista marraskuussa albumillisen verran uudelleen nauhoitettuja klassikoita ”Thrash Anthems II” -levynsä myötä. Vuonna 2007 ilmestyneen ”Thrash Anthems” -levyn jalanjäljissä kulkeva albumi rahoitettiin PledgeMusic -rahoituskampanjan avulla, ja se tullaan julkaisemaan 10.11. Nuclear Blastin kautta.

Albumista on nyt katsottavissa ensimmäinen virallinen traileri, jossa syvennytään rumpujen nauhoitukseen:

Yhtyeen nokkamies Schmier kommentoi:

”As it is a part of our past to relaunch classic songs from our history with a fresh face and we had many demands on a ’Thrash Anthems’ continuation, we decided to do a second part of this re-animation of classic ’80s DESTRUCTION material.

”For us, it was important to choose the tracks with the fans and first when Nuclear Blast did not wanna do the album, we decided to do a pledge campaign to raise the funds for the production together with the diehards.

”To make a long story short, we know not everybody will like these new versions of those thrash evergreens (just listen to the originals then) but it was an important task for us to keep them alive for a whole new generation of metalheads that love those fresh and brutal new recordings.

”We are very happy now that our label is finally releasing this collection of thrash classics. The vibe on this record is so vicious, non-commercial and has this ’80s feeling with a even more aggressive edge, and that is was made our thrash so special, in the good old days and now!”

01. Confused Mind
02. Black Mass
03. Frontbeast
04. Dissatisfied Existence
05. United By Hatred
06. The Ritual
07. Black Death
08. The Antichrist
09. Confound Games
10. Ripping You Off Blind
11. Satan’s Vengeance
12. Holiday in Cambodia (DEAD KENNEDYS cover) (bonus track)