TNT:ltä virallinen päivitys yhtyeen tulevaisuuteen liittyen

TNT 2015Norjalainen rock -yhtye TNT on julkaissut virallisen päivityksen liittyen yhtyeen tulevaisuuteen. Voit lukea yhtyeen julkaiseman päivityksen kokonaisuudessaan tästä:

”Despite a great 2014, there was never any firm plans for TNT in 2015.

”The band and crew have worked hard since ’The Big Bang’ [compilation] release in 2003. More than 10 years — actually longer than the first period in the the ’80s!

”TNT have always suffered challenging logistics.

”We envy band and crew who live in the same city.

”Traveling and being away from home can be hard for everybody. Especially for those who have to travel the longest and be the longest time away from their dear ones.

”The only firm 2015 plans so far is that Ronni [Le Tekrø, guitar] will continue promoting his recent solo album and will be gigging with RYPDAL & TEKRØ. Diesel [Morten Dahl, drums] will be doing some gigs with TINDRUM featuring Kee Marcello [EUROPE].

”The TNT heart [has] NOT stopped beating.

”Consider it possible that TNT will rise again — sooner or later — in one way or another form.

”The band are open for suggestions and comments — and for sure we will be in touch with YOU!”

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