10 Years Mascot Label Groupille: yhtye siirtynyt studioon nauhoittamaan uutta albumiaan

10 Years 2014Yhdysvaltalainen rockyhtye 10 Years on kiinnitetty Mascot Label Groupille. Yhtye on hiljattain siirtynyt studioon nauhoittamaan tulevaa albumiaan julkaistavaksi ensi vuoden aikana. Yhtye on itse kommentoinut sopimusta Mascotin kanssa seuraavasti: 

”As a band, we are clicking more now than ever before and writing some of the most impactful and unique songs of our career. ”We couldn’t be happier to team up with Mascot to release our upcoming album, as not only are they an eclectic label who is working with artists who I personally love, but they are extremely dedicated to their artists and truly believe in them. The support from the Mascot team has really encouraged us to dig deep and write a record that will take us all around the world, open new doors, and be something we will all be extremely proud of.”

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