The 3rd Attempt vailla vokalistia

The 3rd AttemptEntisten  kitaristien Tchortin ja Bloodpervertorin perustama black metal-yhtye etsii vokalistia täydentääkseen uuden yhtyeensä rivejä. Asiasta kiinnostuneet raspikurkut voivat lähettää yhtyeelle oman ääninäytteensä seuraamalla alla olevia ohjeita.

Any vocalists wishing to apply to join THE 3rd ATTEMPT should do the following:

1) Download the demo music from the two samples (which include Vrangsinn on Bass and Kobro on drums) at

2) Add your vocal lines and send them to the band at making sure you include the lyrics you have written, a photo of yourself, a bio which includes where you are from and where you currently live and a short summary on your experience (if any) as a vocalist, together with a link to any YouTube videos of past live performances (if available).

To make it more interesting, all submissions will be made public so that the band’s fans can also have a say, however, THE 3rd ATTEMPT will make the final decision as to who will be chosen. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can let the band know when they submit their tracks, and their work will be considered in the same way as everyone else, but will not be made public. If there is no request to remain anonymous, THE 3rd ATTEMPT reserves the right to make the submissions public.

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