Annihilator julkaisi musiikkivideon kappaleelleen ”Dressed Up For Evil”

Kirjoittanut Suvi Seppänen - 18.1.2020

Kanadalainen thrash metal -pioneeri Annihilator on julkaissut lyriikkavideon uudelle kappaleelleen ”Dressed Up For Evil”. Kappale löytyy virallisesti yhtyeen 24.1. julkaistavalta albumilta ”Ballistic, Sadistic”, ja yhtyeen laulaja-kitaristi Jeff Waters kommentoi sitä seuraavalla tavalla:

”Evil in the guise of a man; that’s how I would describe the theme in this one. People who have no good in them. Destroying all in their way with abuse, lies, and negativity. Generally, just being a nasty human being and ruining lives in the name of money; thinking that it makes them special. It just makes them evil and a waste of life. Musically-speaking, this one is as old-school ANNIHILATOR metal as it gets. It’s obvious that the vibe in this tune reminds us of the early days of the band; even extending back to the demo days from ‘84-‘88. A highlight for me in this song is the legendary voice of Raven’s John Gallagher on backing vocals with Durham’s Kat Shevil Gillham (Winds Of Genocide). An honor to have John on this record and his voice helps make this song a killer. Oh, and lots of shred guitar, as some have been demanding for a while! We hope you like this one… we do!”

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