ABACABB lopettaa (2004-2010)

Yhdysvaltalainen deathcore -yhtye ABACABB on päättänyt lopettaa uransa. Bändin viimeiseksi albumiksi jäi viime vuonna julkaistu ”Survivalist” albumi. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

Though the official statement regarding our break-up has been announced via other internet forums, we’ve neglected to address it through MySpace, and for that we apologize. There are many reasons behind our decision, and it would be senseless to explain them all. We simply reached a point where we realized that continuing this band wasn’t the best choice for us. It has truly been an amazing run. We’d like to thank every band that has taken us out on a tour, every promoter that allowed us to play a show, and every opening/local band for getting crowds amped on the shows. Also, thanks to every single person who came to one of our shows, even if you weren’t there to see us or just hated us altogether. If you ever bought a shirt or CD, or even donated a quarter when we were having van troubles, an even greater thanks goes to you for keeping us on the road. We never could’ve done any of it without you. Another thanks to our manager Ryan ”The Dog” Nelson for the constant support through our best and worst times, and for showing us the best sushi roll on the planet. A huge and final ”thank you” goes to the ENTIRE family for giving us this great opportunity and always making us feel at home. We couldn’t have asked for a more supportive label. Everyone keep your eyes on them, because they will only continue to grow and sign amazing new bands. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for new projects involving some of our members in the future.

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