Abbathin leirissä jälleen uusia käänteitä: basisti Mia Wallace erotettu yhtyeestä

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 29.1.2020

Norjalaisen black metal -yhtye Abbathin leirissä on tapahtumassa jäsenistön muutoksia. Jo muutaman kuukauden ajan ilman alkoholia olleen muusikon managerit ovat antaneet kaikessa hiljaisuudessa kenkää bändin basistille, Mia Wallacelle. Wallace ei ole managerien päätöksestä kovinkaan riemuissaan ja on julkaissut aiheesta virallisen viestin, jonka voit lukea tästä:

”It is with sadness I have been forced to part ways with Abbath. It has been a challenging but exhilarating/exciting time and I am proud of my contribution to the ’Outstrider’ album, the concerts, the videos for ’Harvest Pyre’ and ’Hecate’ and the visuals and promotion of the band in general. For me, being a part of Abbath was a dream come true and I can say with my hand on my heart I have been loyal to the team and to Abbath himself. Everyone can see this from the Argentina concert where I stood on the stage until the bitter end. I have not always agreed with certain other people in the Abbath camp and I have given my opinion honestly without anger or negative intent.
Unfortunately not everyone can take this.
I am disappointed that none of my former colleagues have contacted me in this process except for the five minute phone call from Abbath’s manager in which I was told I would no longer be needed.
I was told not to contact anyone in the band. The explanation for this had no substance and just made more questions and confusion for me.
Up until then I had been preparing for the European tour as I had been told to do. I had to cancel other plans, and get time off work for the tour which I spent much time preparing for.
I am truly grateful for all the support from the fans, media, everyone at Season of Mist and collaborators of Abbath!
Thank you so much! It means everything to me in this difficult time.
I also wish only the best for Abbath whom I will always admire as an artist and thank him for the opportunity he has given me. Now I shall focus on my next step. Several very interesting new projects are in the works. I promise you have not heard the last of me.