Abiotic julkaisee uuden albuminsa helmikuussa

Kirjoittanut Essi Markkula - 27.10.2020

Yhdysvaltalainen deathcore-yhtye Abiotic on ilmoittanut julkaisevansa helmikuun 12. päivä kolmannen täyspitkänsä The Artisan Eran kautta. Albumi kantaa nimeä ”Ikigai”, ja se on bändin ensimmäinen täyspitkä sitten vuoden 2015. Abiotic-kitaristi John Matos kertoo levyn olevan bändin parasta materiaalia tähän mennessä. Albumin kansitaiteen on loihtinut Caelan Stokkermans, joka on tehnyt yhteistyötä myös esimerkiksi Soreption-, Cattle Decapitation – ja Fires In The Distance -yhtyeiden kanssa.



1. Natsukashii
2. Ikigai
3. Covered the Cold Earth
4. Smoldered (ft. Chaney Crabb of Entheos)
5. The Wrath
6. If I Do Die (ft. Brandon Ellis of The Black Dahlia Murder)
7. Souvenir of Skin (ft. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder)
8. Her Opus Mangled (ft. Jared Smith of Archspire)
9. Horadric Cube (ft. Scott Carstairs of Fallujah)
10. Grief Eater, Tear Drinker (ft. Jonathan Carpenter ex-The Contortionist)
11. Gyokusai

Kitaristi John Matos kertoo uuden albumin tekemisestä:

”Our intention behind ’Ikigai’ was to come back with a vengeance. As it has been over 5 years since our last release, we wanted to put together the most cohesive, diverse, deep, and brain shattering record we possibly could and I feel like we’ve achieved that and more with this album. Having written this over the course of the last couple of years and finishing this record during a pandemic, the feelings we sought to bring out with this record; pain, grief, desperation, and perseverance are palpable in every note, every chord, and every word, with lyrics touching on topics of suicide, depression, addiction, climate change and the struggle of finding our reason for being.
We wanted to make this record real and relatable in every sense. This album is without a doubt the best material we’ve ever put together, with brand new elements, and a production/mix that has taken our sound to new heights. The addition of Tony Simone and Kilian Duarte solidified this. We decided to include a variety of guests that we’ve always wanted to collaborate with, like Trevor Strnad, Chaney Crabb, Brandon Ellis, Scott Carstairs, Jared Smith, and Jonathan Carpenter, and are beyond excited for everyone to hear them.
We really wanted to push the boundaries of what fans expect from us while giving them the signature sound we’ve honed in that they’ve come to love. Personally, ’Ikigai’ is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, especially after not knowing if the band was ever going to come back. But we’re back. And we’re here to stay.”