Aborym kiinnitetty Agonia Recordsille

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 29.6.2011

Italialainen industrial black metallia soittava Aborym on kiinnitetty Agonia Recordsille. Yhtye julkaisee uuden vielä nimeämättömän albuminsa vuoden 2012 alussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen vokalistin Fabbanin virallinen viesti sopimukseen liittyen.

”I know this label very well.

”We decided to sing up with Agonia Records exactly because we need to be followed and supported in a more careful and precise way, something that is sometimes quite hard to have if you’re part of a major label with hundreds of other bands.

”There’s a crisis in the air, especially in the music industry, reason why we’re betting everything on quality.

”What we will release in 2012 will be a very particular album and it will be required a great commitment from our label, a great commitment, not only from the economic point of view. We chose Agonia because [they are] able to give us everything we ask for in order to achieve something very, very important, something that people don’t really expect.

”This is the biggest deal of the entire ABORYM’s career. We have a very high budget, we have confidence and a massive deployment of energies and resources from Agonia’s side. Through these premises we should and we must do only great things.”

He continued, ”We’ll celebrate 20 years of ABORYM through a series of surprises for our fans.

”The album we’re working on will be something extremely astonishing, something that nobody can even remotely imagine. ABORYM has always been like that, but this time we’ll walk beyond the lines. Our new album will be also a reward to all our fans: our own way to say thank you for 20 years of support and passion for our music.”

”It’s great to be working again with Agonia Records,” added guitarist Hell.IO.Kabbalus, ”and we’re already sticking down with Fabban some new material for the next album. If you think ’Psychogrotesque’ was crazy, this next one is going to fuck your synapses from behind.”