Abysmal Dawnilta uusi albumi lokakuussa

Abysmal Dawn - ObsolescenceYhdysvaltalainen death metallia soittava  on asettanut uuden ”Obsolescence” albuminsa julkaisupäiväksi lokakuun 28. päivän ja se julkaistaan Relapse Recordsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi levyn biisilista ja vokalisti / kitaristi Charles Elliotin kommentit asiaan liittyen.

01 – “Human Obsolescence“
02 – “Perfecting Slavery” (feat. Christian Muenzer of Obscura/Necrophagist fame)
03 – “Inanimate“
04 – “Devouring The Essence Of God” (feat. Bobby Koelble of Death fame)
05 – “One Percent Incomplete“
06 – “Loathed In Life / Praised In Death“
07 – “By My Demons“
08 – “Laborem Liberat Te“
09 – “The Inevitable Return To Darkness“
10 – “Night’s Blood” (Dissection cover)

“Three years have passed since the release of ‘Leveling the Plane of Existence‘, and it’s high-time we released another slab of epic, bludgeoning death metal. This album took over a year and a half to come to fruition between writing and recording, and I think the blood sweat and tears definitely show in the final work of art.
The title of the record is inspired by the term ‘planned obsolescence’, and is applied to all of mankind. In business terms, it means to manufacture a product that’s made to breakdown after a certain amount of time, so that it can be replaced. People. Societies, governments and religions all have an expiration date for their usefulness in this world; they break down and are replaced just like any other commodity. If you follow the band, you know that dehumanization is a running theme with us, and you’ll be relieved to know we aren’t singing about rainbows, puppies and the girl next-door on this one.
I also have to say, it was a great pleasure of mine to have our friend and amazing guitarist, Christian Muenzer, lay down a guest solo on a track. My teenage guitar hero Bobby Koelble shreds on a song as well, making it the only metal album I can think of that he played on since ‘Symbolic‘! That in itself is a huge honor for me.
We even did a cover song of Dissection ‘Night’s Blood‘ that I think everyone will enjoy. We tried hard to obtain the integrity and vibe of the original and I think we achieved that. It’s the first cover we ever recorded. So we made sure we did it right!
When all is said and done, I believe this is to be our crowning achievement so far, and I’m sure the fans will agree once they hear it. Thank you for all your support over the years. See you all on tour this Fall!”

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