Acceptin Wolf Hoffmann: ”Elämä ilman keikkoja ei ole elämisen arvoista”

Saksalainen heavy metal -veteraani on julkaisemassa ”Too Mean To Die” -nimisen albuminsa 15. tammikuuta Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Yhtyeen kitaristi Wolf Hoffmann on antanut hiljattain Metal Jacket Magazinelle haastattelun, jossa hän on pohtinut elämäänsä koronapandemian aikana ja todennut, että toivoisi keikkojen palaavan normaaliksi koronan jäljiltä, koska elämä ilman keikkoja ei ole elämisen arvoista. Hoffmann kertoi keikkojen palaamisesta normaaliksi koronan jäljiltä seuraavaa:

”I don’t know what metal is gonna be like, but I think life in general is gonna be different. Maybe it’s gonna be like it was pre-9/11, when you could go at an airport and go to the gate without security and all that kind of stuff. And after 9/11, when everything changed, and once it changes, it never goes back to normal. So it might be that we, from now on, have different measures in place, and they’re gonna be here to stay. I don’t think that we’re all gonna have to wear face masks forever, but certain elements of all this kind of behavior, I’m sure, is gonna stay. I cannot imagine one day everybody is gonna say, ’Ah, everything is over, so forget about everything. Go back to normal, everybody.’ Maybe that’s never gonna happen.

I hope it’s not the new normal as we have it now, with lockdowns and quarantine and all that stuff,” he added. ”But maybe when at least everybody’s vaccinated or immune, or most people, life’s gonna go back to an almost normal. But it’s gonna be different from before, I’m afraid, maybe… As long as we can have concerts, I’d be okay with ’new normal.’ ’Cause life without concerts is — I don’t know — it’s not worth living.”

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