Adema erotti laulajansa Ryan Shuckin yllättäen

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 28.2.2024

Yhdysvaltalainen Adema on erottanut vuodesta 2019 yhtyeessä laulajana toimineen Ryan Shuckin. Bändi ei aio hankkia uutta ulkopuolista laulajaa, joka viittaa siihen että vokaaleista päätyy vastaamaan kitaristi Tim Fluckey. Fluckey on aiemminkin hoitanut yhtyeessä laulajan virkaa.
Ryan Shuckin sanojen mukaan tilanne tuli yllättäen:

”My time in Adema has abruptly come to an end.

I want to thank the friends and fans who supported us during my time in the band – over 4 years, 100’s of shows, and 2 successful singles. I am beyond grateful for you.

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I will not be joining the band for the upcoming Josie Scott tour or any of the festivals we have booked so far this year. I’ll see many of you on The Neon Chronicles Tour w Julien-K, Priest, and September Mourning in APRIL, and again, thank you to any Adema fans that supported us and accepted me as the singer for the band. I will forever appreciate you.”

– Ryan

Adema kertoo tilanteesta sosiaalisessa mediassaan:

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Adema Family and Friends –

Adema has made the decision to move forward without Ryan Shuck. Our plan is to continue on indefinitely as a four-piece, and we sincerely wish Ryan all the best in the future.
We want you to know that in no way will this hinder or impede any of our current or future plans, and that the ultimate deciding factor in our decision was what would be best for you – our fans. Thanks for your understanding and we can’t wait to see you on the road this summer!!!”

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