Agnostic Front

Agnostic Frontin Vinnie Stigmalta tulossa omaelämäkerta

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 16.4.2024

Amerikkalaisen punk-yhtye Agnostic Frontin kitaristi/vokalisti Vinnie Stigma on julkaisemassa omaelämäkerran. ”The Most Interesting Man In The World” -kirja julkaistaan 10. syyskuuta Permuted Pressin kautta. Kirja on kirjoitettu yhdessä Howie Abramsin kanssa ja alkusanoista vastaa yhtyeen vokalisti Roger Miret.
Kirjasta kerrotaan seuraavaa:

The Godfather of New York City hardcore and founding member of Agnostic Front invites you into his lower east side pad to regale you with tales from his extraordinary life among mobsters, punk rockers, and a bevy of iconic artists and personalities—none of whom is as interesting or fascinating as the inimitable Vinnie Stigma!

Born Vincent Capuccio on December 3, 1955, Vinnie Stigma—as his countless friends and fans lovingly refer to him—is the founder and guitarist of New York City’s legendary hardcore band Agnostic Front. He’s also one of the Big Apple’s earliest punk rockers, having frequented such eclectic downtown haunts as Max’s Kansas City, The Electric Circus, and of course, CBGB while it was still known as Hilly’s on the Bowery during the early 1970s.

The Most Interesting Man in the World stretches from Vinnie’s upbringing in Little Italy amongst the tight-knit Italian families, as well as some prominent wiseguys, to teaming up with Cuban-born vocalist Roger Miret to carry punk’s angrier successor across the globe; from no-show jobs in his youth obtained by people who “protected” him, to lighting up some of the world’s biggest stages. However, Vinnie Stigma is not your run-of-the-mill rocker of many decades. He has dabbled in cooking, professional wrestling, acting, martial arts, yoga, and other creative disciplines. He is a father and a cancer survivor who helped pioneer skinhead and tattoo culture in America, and has mentored hundreds of fledgling musicians and artists. Vinnie insists he is an entertainer first and foremost, which he learned from his childhood idols Jimi HendrixBruce Lee, and Frank Sinatra.

Featuring vintage photos throughout, a handful of signature Italian recipes, even a four-page comic book and crossword puzzle, The Most Interesting Man in the World is a journey through a life unlike any other. No one sees or experiences the world quite like Vinnie Stigma.’