Aiden uuden albumin kimpussa

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 31.5.2013

AidenYhdysvaltalainen pop-rock -yhtye Aiden on parhaillaan työstämässä seitsemättä albumiaan, joka tulee todennäköisesti olemaan bändin viimeinen. Levy julkaistaan alustavasti ensi vuoden puolella. Lue lisää nähdäksesi virallisen viestin bändin vokalistilta William Controllilta.

How are you all? I must apologize here on the outset, it’s been a long time since I’ve addressed you directly. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the hazy fog covered forest, whilet speeding on the train of life. I have been reading your messages and compliments and pleas for new music and tour dates, it feels incredible that you are still out there, still listening, still believing in our little band from Seattle. What a journey it’s been. Ten years have passed since we first rocked that little pizza joint in downtown Seattle, and from the mole hill up the mountain we went. I know Aiden hasn’t been very active in the last year and a half or so, we have been taking a much needed break after a whirlwind career of travel, art and deconstruction. Although, when I say “Break”, I really mean, we just haven’t written any Aiden material. In fact, I have been thinking about how we are going to move forward towards a new path, the end path, the road to closure for a band I have cherished and loved and adored for a third of my life.

I have been keeping myself quite busy in the absence of Aiden recently. I started releasing William Control records on my own and have spent a better portion of the last year out on the road in support of them. Every City I travel to, every night I sit and speak to some of you, I get asked, when is Aiden going to return? The answer is: Next year. I have been writing a little here and there for the new album and I am quite certain we are going to release it ourselves. I have been collecting memorabilia from our career to sell to help fund the album. Would you, the fans, help fund an Aiden record? Would you be interested in different packages of limited and one of a kind items from the bands career? Magazines? guitars? handwritten lyrics? old microphones? Just a thought. Think about it.

Let me keep this short and sweet, I am usually at risk of a discourse that runs away from me like gazelles being chased by cheetahs. I merely wanted to say hello and tell you that I have not forgotten about you. Nor do I wish for the time we spend apart to be so vast. It wont be long now until we are all stepping on each others faces and singing every word to the Last Sunrise.

One last thing… I know that some of you haven’t received T shirts that Nick was sending out, if you’ve had an issue, email him directly…. and he will sort you out. We also have a new merch distribution system for the merch so these issues shouldn’t happen going forward.

There is a new limited edition shirt up for sale and only 50 will be made. Go get one before they are gone!!

All my love