Ajattaran rumpali Rainer Tuomikanto tykittää ”Suru”- ja ”Saatanan Sinetti” -kappaleiden nauhoituksissa: katso rumpuvideo

Ajattaran rumpali Rainer Tuomikanto -rumpuvideo

Kauhajoen Nummirock -festivaalissa esiintyvän Ajattaran rumpali Rainer ”Malakias VI” Tuomikanto näyttää tuoreilla videoilla kuinka ”Suru”- sekä ”Saatanan Sinetti” -kappaleiden rumpunauhoitukset sujuivat Espanjan Álorassa. Bändi nauhoitti suurimman osan toukokuun 12. päivä julkaistusta ”Lupaus” -albumistaan kyseisellä studiolla.

Toimittajamme pisteytti ”Lupaus” -albumin 9/10 levyarvostelussaan.

Albumin ”Suru” -kappaleesta Tuomikanto kertoi Facebook -sivuillaan, että se hakee Twin Peaks -elokuvan tyylistä erikoista tunnelmaa. Kun taas ”Saatanan Sinetti” -kappaletta varten hänelle annettiin yksinkertaiset ohjeistukset: ’Soita nopeasti’.

Katso rumpuvideot tästä:

Saatanan Sinetti” -kappale

Suru” -kappale:

Saatanan Sinetti” -kappaleen taustaa:

”Recordings at the Casa de la Musica in Alora, Spain continue! This turned out being the opening track for the album. The only reference I got from Ruoja for this song was: ”play a fast one”. So I did. The A and B parts of the song came on the spot, only the C part needed to be thought through and spared for the second take. But as we were starting to plan the C part, our recording engineer Kari Reini opened up about something I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. Kari, who is a drummer himself too, was so overwhelmingly taken by what I was doing that he broke in tears. Now, I don’t think myself as an exceptional drummer, nor do I think too highly of myself.. not at all. BUT I do appreciate real and heartfelt reactions from my friends and people around me. That moment was real, and I want to cherish that. That’s why I kept it in the video, I want to remember that moment. Do what you love, love what you do! Cheers everyone!

”Suru” -kappaleesta rumpali kertoi:

Welcome to Casa de la Musica, a studio in the scorched hills of Álora, Spain. This is where we recorded most of the Lupaus album. Couple of days for the drum tracking, well three actually since we had time we recorded some extra tracks. For this song I believe we had at least couple of riffs before we started recording the drums. We used to refer this as the Twin Peaks song for it’s gloomy mood and minor resemblance. Hard to believe this was like 1,5 years ago.

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