Al Jourgensen: ”Minulla on paljon ideoita jo Ministryn seuraavaa albumia varten”

Al Jourgensen 2016Yhdysvaltalainen industrial metallin pioneerin Ministryn laulaja on antanut hiljattain haastattelun, jossa on paljastanut työstävänsä parhaillaan materiaalia seuraavaa Ministryn albumia varten. Voit lukea Jourgensenin ajatuksia Ministryn tulevaisuudesta tästä:

“When I was asked, it was after Mikey passed and the entire media immediately starts asking me what is going to happen to . He wasn’t even buried yet. I thought, “Fuck you.” I was really pissed and really angry. I said, “Fuck Ministry and fuck you for asking.” They want to comment on Ministry when my best friend had died.

It’s been more than two years now, and I got more ideas and I have done albums with Mikey and have done them without him. It’s time to get another record out. I have a bunch of songs written in my head. I wanted to have time to mourn before people start asking me about touring dates. It was sick. I was bombarded and email boxes were overloaded with “what are you going to do now?” It was kind of creepy.”

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