Alexi Laihon ystävä Matt Fawcett julkaisi vihaisen viestin Laihon rahojen perässä Suomeen tulleelle tämän entiselle puolisolle Kimberly Gossille: ”Jätä Laihon perhe jo rauhaan!”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 22.1.2021

Vuosi 2021 ei alkanut parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla, kun saimme tietää Children Of Bodomista sekä Bodom After Midnightista tunnetun Alexi Laihon menehtyneen ennen vuoden 2020 loppua. Laihon kuolema luonnollisesti kosketti lukuisia raskaan rockin ja metallimusiikin ystäviä, sillä miehen vaikutus etenkin metallikitaristeihin on ollut valtava.

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Valitettavasti Laihon kuolemasta koitui myös miehen perheelle harmia, sillä Laihon kanssa yhä virallisesti naimisissa oleva Kimberly Goss on Alexin ystävän Matt Fawcettin mukaan matkannut Suomeen hakemaan osuuttaan Laihon omaisuudesta ja avannut mm. Instagram-tilin jossa jakaa kuvia itsestään Laihon kanssa. Instagramiin julkaistut kuvat ovat kuitenkin verrattaen vanhoja ja Matt kertookin julkaisussaan Kimberlyn ja Laihon välien olleen huonot koska Laiho yritti viimeisen vuoden ajan saada Gossia allekirjoittamaan avioeropaperit, jotta olisi voinut virallisesti mennä naimisiin Australiassa asuvan nykyisen kumppaninsa Kelli Wright-Laihon kanssa. Goss kuitenkin Mattin kirjoituksen mukaan katosi aina mystisesti kun paperit olisi pitänyt saada allekirjoitettua, ja sen vuoksi avioeroa ei koskaan päästy laittamaan vireille.

Kimberly Goss on julkaissut hiljattain Suomesta kuvan bändin entisen kitaristin, Roope Latvalan kanssa, joka todistaa naisen saapuneen ainakin Suomeen Laihoon osallistuakseen ilmeisesti tämän hautajaisiin:

Gossin toiminta on saanut Laihon lähipiirin raivon partaalle, ja Laihon hyvä ystävä Matt Fawcett on julkaissut Facebookissa pitkän kirjoituksen, jossa kehottaa Gossia jättämään jo Laihon perheen rauhaan ja antamaan heille mahdollisuuden surra rakkaansa menetystä. Kirjoitus löytyy Bodom After Midnightin faniryhmästä Facebookissa, ja siinä lukee näin:

”I really hate that I’m having to write this post (Sorry admin).
My dear friend has passed away and I’m seeing the most horrible stuff play out right in front of my eyes. I have watched deaths and money bring out the worst sides of people before but I’ve never seen anything this twisted.
Alexi was incredibly private so he would hate this also.
However he had my back always! And as his bro I feel I have to have his and more importantly his families backs right now. They were the most important thing to him and he would’ve never let any of this shit go down on his watch.
You can all say what you want about me but I’d like to think if you’re friend wasn’t here to defend themselves and their loved ones you would do the same.
I went through my ph recently whilst speaking to Alexi’s sister and I realised over the last 6 months barely a day went by where him and I didn’t speak throughout the day. I won’t claim to know his deepest thoughts etc. however I do know how he felt about a lot of things.
My reason for writing this is Kimberly Goss. I’ve never seen anything so sick as what this woman is doing and it’s time she got called out.
Alexi told me himself how scared he was that she would come for his money. That she was on food stamps, had lost her paycheque and was not doing too good. That he had to be super nice to her at the moment as he needed her to sign the divorce papers but usually she just disappears. This time he said ’she’ll want $, she’s desperate’. Hence his contact with her.
He told me she’s a c**t & he was right.
The ENTIRE Laiho family despise this woman. That’s the truth & they have many good reasons.
Kimberly has messaged every member of his family the most horrible shit! Making threats, causing problems for them.
These are some of the most amazing people!! And they’re unable to just mourn their son, brother and husband in peace because of her.
She has created this absolute circus and caused so much extra grief for the loved ones of someone she claims to care for.
She continues to say she doesn’t want nastiness in public however she is the only one who has made everything public. Besides Kelli who was forced to respond to things in public due to threats being made by Kim!
The accusations and messages to his family would blow your mind!!
Yes, I’ve seen them all!
It’s sick!!!
I’m sure a lot of people are starting to see through it.
But c’mon! If Kimberly was so close to Alexi, answer these questions….
Why are there no photos of her and him since they were young kids?
He lived in the states for awhile even! Surely they’d have caught up!
Why did he write in his book that the wedding was only so Kim could stay and sing?
(He told me this in his own words. They signed the paper then went to rehearsal. It was a non- event).
Why is she so hated by every single member of his family?
Why did she never ever share all this stuff while he was here?
Alexi has been very unwell throughout last year.
Clearly she could fly to Finland incredibly easily. Why was she not there for him while he was alive?
Kimberly is nothing but a gold digger.
The fact she hasn’t shared publicly what his illness was or how he passed leads me to believe she doesn’t know. Because from what I’ve seen, she is the type who would share that purely to get herself some attention!
Only those closest to Alexi know these things. As like I say, he was incredibly private.
The DAY AFTER his passing was announced this woman makes an Instagram page sharing old photos and claiming ’love’!
Honestly… FUCK OFF!!!!!
If she’d done this while Alexi was around, he’d have come for her in a big way!
Then, she flies to Finland and starts causing all these problems. Talking to press, messaging family, hiring lawyers.
All whilst writing ’beautiful’ things about him.
It’s truly some of the most manipulative, sick, twisted, evil shit I’ve ever seen!
Alexi loved his fans.
He was always there for you all.
When there was a shooting at a venue the night before a Bodom gig did he cancel?
When he was clearly unwell in 2019 did he cancel shows?
Fuck no!!!
I had to watch my bro in tears on FaceTime recently because he missed his daughter.
But Corona obviously stopped him being with her. He was so sad!!! He still recorded an EP (which absolutely rules btw!)
He was sad again the day he shot the video but he did it!
He was always there for you all.
Now is the time to have his back.
By all means enjoy the cool photos of Alexi and Sinergy. I am a fan myself and like seeing the photos!
But realise what this evil b**ch is doing.
I too am private and I’ve never publicly written anything like this. I’m really disappointed I have had to.
But I speak only facts.
Kimberly… I know you’ll see this.
I know what Alexi wanted to happen if he passed.
More importantly, you do too!!!
Why are you there?
What are you hoping to achieve besides boosting your name and attempting to take what isn’t rightfully yours?
And doing all you can to make the families lives difficult at an already impossible time?
Leave my mates family alone!!!
Make me eat my words.
Prove me wrong.
Publicly state that you aren’t in Finland right now for no reason other than to get your hands on everything Alexi worked so hard for over the last 20 years!!!
You do this and I’ll fly to see you and offer my most heartfelt apology in person.
This is all i have to say on this matter. I will now go back to mourning my friend and consoling his family.
You can go back to having drinks, sharing photos, talking shit, sending threats and enjoying your 2mins in the spotlight.
You’re disgusting.”

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