Alfahanne työstämässä uutta albumia

AlfahanneAlfapokalyptikseksi rockiksi musiikkiaan kutsuva Alfahanne on valmistelemassa seuraajaa aiemmin tänä vuonna julkaistulle debyytilleen ”Alfapokalyps”. Yhtyeenä vielä uusi ja melkoisen tuntematon Alfahanne  sekoittaa musiikissaan punkkia, rockia sekä black metallia, ja yhtyeessä vaikuttaa entisiä jäseniä mm. Vinterlandista sekä Maze Of Tormentista. Laulaja Pehr Skioldhammer on myös laulanut Shining -yhtyeen “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” -levyllä. Yhtyeen debyytillä mikrofonin varressa vieraili mm. Hoest (Taake), Niklas Kvartforth (Shining) sekä V’gandr (Helheim). Lue lisää nähdäksesi kitaristi Fredrik Sööbergin mietteitä tulevasta levystä.

”ALFHANNE has never been a band that does things the way others do them. So when it comes to the process of recording a follow up album to ”Alfapokalypse” we do it our way, regardless of expectations. We do not record demos or pre-productions. We just jam the shit out of our equipment until we have a song we feel we can perform properly on an album. Then we record it. As with ”Alfapokalyps” we record the material live and most often it is the first take that ends up on the album. We believe that if we can’t get it right straight away, who are we to call ourselves musicians?

”ALFAHANNE is not about perfection and order. Quite the opposite. We are about emotions and chaos. The process of writing new material is as always quite easy for us. After releasing our first album we had so much inspiration left in us that we just kept going. Always inspired by the darkness that lies within the depth of humanity and the rotten illusion of our society. The songs just pop up like a big middle finger in the face of the world.

”As I write this, August has come to a close and we are about halfway through the recording, which, again as with ”Alfapokalyps”, we are doing on our own, in our own Dödskult Studio, and we will continue the recording process during this fall/winter when we are not busy playing live. We can also reveal that our new album will have guest appearances by vocalists who we find suitable for our particular style of music, which we call Alfapokalyptic rock. As far as the sound is concerned we just have one thing to say: ALFAHANNE is always ALFAHANNE and we will always have our own distinctive sound. One thing we can safely say, however, is that this album will for sure be the best album released since ”Alfapokalyps”. ”

Alfahanne on nähtävissä Suomessa keikalla marraskuussa:
07.11 On the Rocks, Helsinki
08.11 Dog’s Home, Tampere