Alice Cooper kitarististaan Nita Straussista: ”Hän vain paranee vuosi vuodelta”


Yhdysvaltalainen kauhurockin legenda Alice Cooper julkaisi hiljattain uuden ”Don’t Give Up” -nimisen kappaleen. Cooperon antanut tuoreeseen biisiinsä liittyen Detroitissa sijaitsevalle WRIF radiokanavalle haastattelun, jossa hän on jälleen yltynyt kehumaan miehen bändissä vuodesta 2014 asti soittanutta kitaristi Nita Straussia. Cooperin mukaan Strauss vain paranee soittajana vuosi vuodelta ja istui yhtyeeseen heti alusta alkaen todella hyvin. Hän kehui Straussia seuraavasti:

”She just won [the] ’Guitarist Of The Decade’ [award] in Guitar magazine. Best chick in the world — she’s such a great chick. Gets on stage, and she’s a force of nature unto herself. An I’ve got Ryan Roxie and Tommy Henriksen in the band also — you’re talking about two great rock guitar players. And then I needed a chick that could really play.

”Oranthi was a great blues rock player. She could play with Eric Clapton — she was that good. And she went off to do an album on her own. And then I accidentally found Nita, and Nita was a shredder. And that’s what I was kind of looking for — was a shredder. But I didn’t know how good she was, but she was a total shredder up there and killed it. And immediately just fell right into it with the guys in the band; she was one of the guys. Great chick. And she just keeps getting better. That’s the thing about it — she just keeps getting better. No drama — it’s always just, can’t wait to get onstage.”

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