Alice Cooperin cover albumilla varsin nimekkäät vierailijat

Alice CooperYhdysvaltalainen rock -legenda Alice Cooper on parhaillaan työstämässä The Doors -covereita sisältävää albumia. on saanut tietoonsa, että albumilla tulee vierailemaan varsin nimekkäitä muusikoita kuten Beatlesista tuttu Paul McCartney, näyttelijä Johnny Depp sekä Aerosmithin Joe Perry. Alice Cooper on itse kommentoinut tulevaa albumiaan seuraavasti:

”I figured I’m gonna do a covers album. I’ve never done a covers album before. And I was talking to [producer] Bob Ezrin, and I said, ’Let’s be specific then. Let’s honor our dead drunk friends.’ And we started going through the songs of who and what songs it would be, and it was really… You know, I mean, we said, ’Oh, yeah. We’ve gotta do that.’ And then the [guest musicians] started showing up and saying, ’Hey, I wanna play on that,’ and, ’I wanna play on that.’ I can’t tell you who’s on what right now, ’cause it’s not gonna be released yet, but it’s the ’who’s who’ of everything. [Laughs] It was one of those things where, at one point, I’m looking around in the studio and I’m going, ’Holy crap! Look who’s in the studio.'”

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