Alice In Chainsin Jerry Cantrell sooloalbumin kimpussa

Alice In Chains – Kaisaniemi 16.6.2019.

Yhdysvaltalaisen grungen suuruuden Alice In Chainsin laulaja-kitaristi Jerry Cantrell on paljastanut tuoreessa Gibsonille antamassaan haastattelussa, että hän aikoo työstää seuraavaksi materiaalia uutta sooloalbumiaan varten. Cantrell on haastattelussa kertonut sekä omista että Alice In Chainsin tulevaisuuden suunnitelmista seuraavaa:

”There’s gonna be some cool things happening this year. I’ve already done a couple of shows in L.A. in December with a great group of friends. My friend helped me put together a really cool group of people, and we did a couple of solo shows.

I’ve been in this band, in ALICE IN CHAINS, since 1987, so 33 years. And that’s always been my first love and my commitment, but I did have the opportunity to make a couple of solo records, and since we started the band back up, I really didn’t have the opportunity to revisit that.

[ALICE IN CHAINS] just finished touring in September off of ’Rainier Fog’, and we generally take about a year off when we’re done touring anyway — just give it a rest for a second and then get it reinvigorated and focus on what’s new. So we’re gonna take a year off, so I thought I’d maybe do some shows and I’m working on some music as well. And there’s gonna be some exciting things. I don’t wanna say just yet what’s happening, but I can tell you that there’s gonna be some cool shit happening this year.”

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