Alissa White-Gluz antoi lausunnon sooloalbuminsa tilasta

Tuskassa 2018

 -solisti Alissa White-Gluz kertoo Slipknot-perkussionisti Shawn ”The Clown” Crahanin The Electric Theatre With Clown -podcastissa odottavansa innolla tulevan sooloalbuminsa valmistumista. julkisti jo vuonna 2016 White-Gluzin työstävän levy-yhtiölle ensimmäistä sooloalbumiaan, jolla kuultaisiin laulajan lisäksi ainakin Arch Enemyn ja Kamelotin entisiä ja nykyisiä jäseniä, sekä Misfits-kitaristi Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankensteinia. White-Gluz tarjosi podcastissa lyhyen päivityksen sooloalbumin tämänhetkisestä tilasta:

”With Arch Enemy, I basically do screams — I’m growling; that’s the type of vocals that I do. But I actually do clean vocals a lot too, and not that many people know that. The solo thing is kind of just giving me an outlet to do basically any type of vocal acrobatics that I wanna do, whether it be blues-style singing, which I have a guest thing coming out soon like that, which is pretty cool. Rock singing, power metal singing, opera singing… Basically, the idea is that it’s a way for me to kind of get my musical rocks off in any way that I want, and it’s separate from Arch Enemy. So I don’t have to go in and dilute Arch Enemy or change what that’s about it, ’cause that wouldn’t be right either. It’s basically something that I kind of just had as this ongoing project that I’ve been working on any time I had time off from Arch Enemy touring, which was basically no time until this year. So I’ve been working a lot on it this year and recording it at a home studio that I built. And, yeah, so far I really like it, and I’m looking forward to finishing it up.”

White-Gluz avasi myös yhteistyötään kuukausittaiseen jäsenmaksuun perustuvan Patreon-alustan kanssa, jossa laulaja tarjoaa seuraajilleen eriasteisia fanipaketteja:

”Luckily – I’m very lucky that I have this – I have a Patreon page that I do, and that’s the way that I actually am able to keep in touch with fans. I do virtual meet-and-greets every month. The kind of meet-and-greet that we would normally do in person at every show, I just get to do it in a livestream every month. And I also get to share other music ideas there, poetry, and that motivates me to keep going – keep thinking of new merch ideas, new outfit ideas, collaborations, cover songs. That really, really motivates me, and it’s actually an amazing platform for artists right now, because, obviously, none of us can tour right now. And so this allows to maintain that bond with the fans and also stay motivated and stay supported by the fans so that we can keep making music and sustain ourselves until this pandemic is over. So that takes up a good chunk of my time, and I work on that.”

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