Alkuperäinen Black Sabbath -rumpali Bill Ward muisteli Nick Menzaa radio-ohjelmassaan

Kirjoittanut Teemu Esko - 2.6.2016

Bill Ward Nick Menza tributeLegendaarisen Black Sabbathin alkuperäinen rumpali Bill Ward muisteli hiljattain menehtynyttä entistä Megadeth-rumpali Nick Menzaa Rock 50 -radio-ohjelmassaan toukokuun 28. päivä. Lue miehen kommentteja tästä:

”Sadly, again, we lost another drummer. The drummer’s name was Nick Menza, probably more well known for playing in MEGADETH. Nick was born on July 23, 1964 in Munich, West Germany, and sadly he passed away on May 21, 2016, age 51. From what I can gather from the bio, he actually died, I believe, on stage. He had heart failure while performing with his band, OHM:, and that was in Los Angeles when he was performing.”

”Performing on stage and playing, it’s a way to go. To be honest, I think it’s a way to go. It shows that we just show up and we go and we play and we do what we do.”

”I don’t wanna mention too many names, but I know a couple of other people, other men that I’ve known, who are also very well-known drummers, who actually have passed away on the road while they were doing what they were doing and what they were doing is what they loved doing.”

”I was looking at Nick’s influences. I always like to do that. It gives you some idea of the substance of the man. And some of the people that he listened to, his influences, if you like, [were] Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Nick Ceroli, Jeff Porcaro and Louie Bellson. And… Well, all I can say is ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto. All those guys are incredibly great drummers. Influential, not only in the way that they swing and the way that they are as jazz musicians, but they also were good rock… There’s obviously some rock musicians there as well. But they have that thing; they have that heart and soul. And I’m sure that Nick Menza had that too. I’ve heard him play on the album ’Rust In Peace’. I believe we actually played that… I think we played that back on ’Rock 50’ at one point or another.”

”At ’Rock 50’, we try to always make it known that we send our sincere and saddest condolences to Nick Menza’s family. Regrettably, he passed away, and we’re very sorry to hear that. And we send our condolences.”

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