Amerikkalainen Cold julkaisi uuden singlen ”The Devil We Know” tulevalta albumiltaan

Yhdysvaltalainen vaihtoehtoista rockia soittava Cold on julkaisemassa kuudennen albuminsa ”The Things We Can’t Stop” 13. syyskuuta Napalm Recordsin kautta. Albumilta on nyt lohkaistu tuore single ”The Devil We Know”, jonka voit kuunnella uutisen lopusta. Yhtyeen nokkamies Scooter Ward kommentoi:

”It evolved from me seeing people fighting on social media and on the news. People getting gaslighted daily. I had enough of all the noise from it. It’s basically a siren for the silent majority to stand up and take control back. A revolution. ”I needed life to happen to be able to create. There were probably around 15 years where all I did was live and breathe the band. I needed to separate from that to remember what it was like to not have it anymore. It was extremely important for me to spend time with my family. I did experience writer’s block for the first time in my life during the process though. It was brutal, because the one thing I’ve always had — left me. It seemed the series of events in my life had taken away my soul. It turned around. I’ve remained adamant about evolving a bit with each record. Approaching every chapter as a new beginning is paramount and necessary for it to be a true COLD album.”

”The Things We Can’t Stop” -albumin kappalelista:

01. Intro
02. Shine
03. Snowblind
04. The Devil We Know
05. Run (SNOW PATROL cover)
06. Better Human
07. Without You
08. Quiet Now
09. The One That Got Away
10. Systems Fail
11. Beautiful Life
12. We All Love

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