Amoral ilman basistia

Basisti Erkki Silvennoinen on lähtenyt Amoral yhtyeestä. Lue lisää virallisesta tiedoitteesta.

The rumors are all over the net, so we might as well release this official statement ahead of schedule… Yes, Erkki is leaving the band. No big drama behind the scenes: he is simply involved in too many projects to keep up with our hectic pace. And especially now, with a new album coming out and tons of gigs and promotion to do, we need every member’s undivided attention on Amoral.

Not one gig will be cancelled because of this: we have a few qualified bass players in line to help us out if needed, and already some very potential candidates for a permanent band member. Though we are gonna take our sweet time before making anyone an official member of the band, that’s for sure. You don’t just walk right in the Amoral famiglia, you have to earn it…

Erkki will play his last gig with us at Jalometalli, Oulu on August 17th. We wish him all the best with his future projects.

-Ben, Silver, Niko & Juffi

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