Amoral lopettaa – jäähyväiskeikka Tavastialla tammikuussa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 27.7.2016

Amoral 2015Vuosi 2017 on Amoralille paitsi 20-vuotisjuhlavuosi, myös vuosi, jolloin kuullaan Amoralin viimeinen keikka. Helsingin Tavastia-klubilla 5. tammikuuta nähtävä erikoisilta paketoi yhtyeen pitkän ja vivahteikkaan uran aina Amoralin alkuvuosien death metal -jyystöstä bändin viimeisimmäksi jäävän ”In Sequence” -albumin melodisiin progemetallihuikenteluihin. Liput tapahtumaan ovat nyt myynnissä Tiketissä

Bändi aikoo ottaa kaiken ilon irti Amoralin jäljellä olevista ajoista vielä tulevan syksyn keikoilla, jotka on räätälöity nimenomaan bändin wanhan tuotannon ystäville – syksyn 2016 klubikeikoilla kuullaan vain ja ainoastaan Amoralin kolmen ensimmäisen albumin (”Wound Creations”, ”Decrowning” ja ”Reptile Ride”) biisejä, ja lavalla nähdään viisihenkinen kokoonpano, jonka keulilla murahtelee jo viime vuonna Amoralin riveihin palannut Niko Kalliojärvi. Näistä keikoista ensimmäinen kuullaan Helsingin On The Rocksissa 1. syyskuuta, ja kaikki ”old school show” -keikkapäivät päivittyvät osoitteeseen:

Bändin mietteet lopettamisesta kuuluvat kolmannella kotimaisella seuraavasti:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that we’ve decided to disband Amoral. This was not an easy desicion, as this band has been such a huge part of our lives (in the case of Ben and Juhana, for about 19 years!), but yet it felt like it was time. Constantly conflicting schedules and a fading interest in touring in some members have made the band run at half-speed. Amoral is not a ”half-speed” band. It’s all or nothing. And, to be honest, the idea of starting something brand new after all this time has become very appealing.

Last December we sat down to discuss this, and decided to go on for one more year, until the beginning of 2017. After all, we still had our 7th album ”In Sequence”, to put out and promote. We wanted to give the album the attention it deserved, but also to play together for a while longer. There are no hard feelings here. No ”musical differences”. This is simply about different people wanting different things at this point of their lives.

But: we still have a couple of very cool things to come. First of all, this autumn we’ll be kicking it old school with a few shows in Finland as a five-piece, with Niko on vocals, playing material from the first three, ”Niko-era” Amoral albums only! This is gonna be a real blast from the past: no keyboards. No clean vocals. Only tight, angry Techno Thrash like it’s 2007 all over again! This is gonna be a lot of fun, and something that hasn’t been seen or heard in a LONG while.

And once the year is up, it’s time to end this journey with a big party. Amoral’s final show will take place at Tavastia, Helsinki on January 5th 2017. This event is not to be missed: we’ll be covering our entire discography, and we’ll have our ex-members joining us onstage for one last time. For sure this will be one bittersweet night to remember.

We want to thank our family, friends and fans for the support throughout the years. Especially the amazing Amoral Street Team, who have tirelessly helped the band along the way with their hard work. Thank you!

It’s been quite the ride. Seven studio albums, hundreds of shows all around the world, and so many good memories. We wouldn’t trade it for anything.


-Ben, Juhana, Masi, Niko, Ari & Pekka