Amorphis julkaisi ”House Of Sleep” -kappaleensa liveversiosta lyriikkavideon

Kotimainen metalliyhtye  julkaisi lyriikkavideon ”House Of Sleep” -kappaleensa livevedosta. Vuonna 2019 Helsingissä heti itsenäisyyspäivän jälkeisenä päivänä nauhoitettu live-esitys on julkaistu fanien saataville. ”Live At Helsinki Ice Hall” on saatavilla digitaalisena, vinyylisenä sekä CD-versioina.

Kitaristi Tomi Koivusaari kommentoi taltioitua livekeikkaa:

”Helsinki Ice Hall, what can I say… the very same venue where we used to see bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Metallica and many many more back in the 80’s when we were kids. I’m sure we all dreamed about playing there someday. In our hometown Helsinki, where it all started with AMORPHIS 30 years ago. So I’d say we had a special feeling at that gig, the last one of the tour in Finland for that year. I guess this recording is a very honest picture of us playing live, nothing is fixed afterwards, except mightily mixed and mastered of course. When I listened to it a while ago, I realized how much I miss playing live. And yet we have no idea when it will be possible next, in this crazy situation with Covid and all… So, stay healthy, take care and shine on you all, see you hopefully soon on tour.
We will.”

”Live At Helsinki Ice Hall” -kappalelista:

1. The Bee
2. Heart Of The Giant
3. Bad Blood
4. The Four Wise Ones
5. Into Hiding
6. Sampo
7. Wrong Direction
8. Daughter Of Hate
9. Against Widows
10. My Kantele
11. The Golden Elk
12. Pyres On The Coast
13. Silver Bride
14. Black Winter Day
15. House Of Sleep

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