Anaal Nathrakh

Anaal Nathrakh soittaa mahdollisesti viimeisen keikkansa joulukuussa Lontoossa

Kirjoittanut Piia Takala - 18.10.2022

Anaal Nathrakh soittaa Lontoossa 14. joulukuuta, ja kyseessä saattaa olla bändin viimeinen keikka. Bändi julkaisi jo syyskuussa tiedotteen, jonka mukaan laulaja Dave Hunt on mukana kyseisellä keikalla, mutta kitaristi Mick Kenney jättäytyy pois ”suunnitelmien muutoksen takia, sillä hänen keskittymisensä on nyt toisaalla – ainakin toistaiseksi.”

Bändin tiedote, joka pääsi lipsahtamaan monilta metallimedioilta ohi, kuului seuraavasti:

”Mythology announce first Anaal Nathrakh show in over three years in December. And possibly last…

Pandemics can, apparently, be unpredictable. Sometimes they can push the world into lockdown right when you’ve just recorded a stunning new album. Sometimes a project can blow up during a pandemic and change how you need to approach everything. In our case, there was definite unfinished business, with any plans for touring in the wake of Endarkenment destroyed by the virus.

There was also a change of plan for Mick which meant that his focus had to shift, for the time being at least. But that sense of unfinished business finally got too much to take, and so it was decided that Dave, with Mick’s full support, would team up with a few bad men from the Anaal Nathrakh live lineup and and the peerless Akercocke/Voices stable for a very special evening with the incomparable Sigh in London in December.

It is possible that a further select few shows will snowball out of this. Or that this could turn out to be the last Anaal Nathrakh show, ever. Pandemics aren’t the only things that can be unpredictable. All we know is that it promises to be a fine night of apocalyptic chaos.”