Anathema sopimukseen Mascot Label Groupin kanssa: seuraavan albumin nauhoitukset alkavat ensi vuonna

Englannin progerock-suuruus Anathema on solminut sopimuksen Mascot Label Groupin kanssa. Yhtye on suunnistamassa studion uumeniin ensi vuonna työstämään materiaalia seuraavaa albumiaan varten. Yhtyeen laulaja-kitaristi Daniel Cavanagh on kommentoinut tuoretta sopimusta seuraavasti:

”We are all extremely excited to announce our new contract with Mascot Label Group. This is the beginning of a new adventure for us and we are looking forward to a wonderful partnership with Mascot in the coming years. I would particularly like to pay tribute to Kscope for their unwavering support and great work over more than a decade. They’ve been a big part of our lives and we say thank you very much to all the staff there. Of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to Andy Farrow, Jasper at Northern Music Company for excellence in management and guidance. Last but not least, a huge thanks to the fans, without whom, none of this is possible.”

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