Andreas Kisser lyttää Sepulturan klassisen kokoopanon yhteenpaluun rahan takia

Sepultura 2013Brasilialaisen metallyhtye Sepulturan alkuperäinen kitaristi on antanut hiljattain videohaastattelun Capital Chaos TV:lle, jossa pohtii mahdollisuutta ns. klassikkokokoonpanon yhteen paluuseen. Kisserin mukaan mies ei ole valmis tekemään itsestään pelleä lavalla vain rahan vuoksi vaan siihen täytyy olla jokin muu syy jos niin joskus tulee tapahtumaan. Miehen antaman haastattelun mukaan hän on puheväleissä nykyään omien projektien parissa olevien Cavaleran veljesten kanssa vaikkakaan ei pidä heihin kauheasti yhteyttä. Voit lukea Andreas Kisserin mietteitä aiheen tiimoilta tästä:

”We have a bridge. We have a door of communication, but it’s very rare [that we communicate with each other]. We are doing so many different things, compared with what we do… Max is doing something else, different projects, [and] playing with Igor again, which is cool to see. We are doing what we’re doing, working in a different direction.”

”A few years ago, [Max’s band and ] played the same festival in Europe, and we had a chance to see each other and just talk and exchange some e-mails and stuff, so that was cool, you know?! But that doesn’t mean that we’re gonna work together. We did what we did, [and] I respect that so much. The SEPULTURA history is an amazing history. [We’ve been around for] thirty years, a band [coming] from Brazil, and we’ve played 73 countries so far, and it’s an amazing mark. Regardless of the formation, or label, the record label we were [on], like I said, we’re still here enjoying ourselves, which is the most important thing.”

”I respect our past, but I’m not locked there; I’m not a prisoner of my past. I live the present very strongly, very intensively… But I respect the past and live the present intensively so we have a future, and not really be there trying to replicate or reproduce or copy stuff that it doesn’t happen anymore.

”I have great memories working with [Max and Igor], and we really did something really special, but they chose to leave a long time ago — Max in 1996, Igor ten years later, in 2006 — and I guess they’re happy with their choice, and we had to deal with the good and the bad stuff of that choice. Max, when he left, he took the management, he took all the structure that SEPULTURA took ten years to build he took all the structure that SEPULTURA took ten years to build — the bridges of trust and confidence with the label and booking agent and the press. And it really showed us the bad guys of the situation, and Max took advantage [playing] the victim and stuff. But we passed over that. It’s something that was really healthy for us, because we learned so much about business and management, and how to take care of your own stuff. And we are in a much better place now; I mean, there’s no doubt about it. At the same time we were playing arenas and selling lots of albums [at the end of our time with Max], our situation backstage was pathetic; it was like a kindergarten, [like] kids fighting for candy. It was a very stupid situation. But, like I said, we are in a much better place, and now we can enjoy ourselves and go on stage and look to each other’s face and really respect each other on stage. We’re not doing it for money only.”

”People [who are pushing for] a reunion, whatever, have this concept of SEPULTURA playing for money, and it’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna be a part of something that’s gonna cheat our fans and that’s gonna cheat myself. I’m not leaving my house, my family and my kids just to be a clown on stage. I’d rather be what I am, and if you like it, fine; if you don’t like it, fine as well. I mean, you’re free to do whatever you want; we’re not forcing anyone to like or hate us.

”But I think that’s art in general. We dealt with that throughout our whole career, regardless of the formation. I think SEPULTURA is moved by challenges, and we still have so many. We just came from Rock In Rio [USA] in Las Vegas, playing with Steve Vai. It was an amazing challenge that we grew up so much, as people, as musicians and as a band. It’s an amazing thing that we still have this kind of opportunities after thirty years and we’re still doing something new instead of trying to reproduce that stuff, just for a few people that think they know more about SEPULTURA than ourselves.”

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