Angus Young nimeää ”Let There Be Rockin” AC/DC:n määrittäväksi albumiksi

Kirjoittanut Joonas Arppe - 9.12.2020

AC/DC:n marraskuun 13. päivä julkaisema ”Power Up” oli seitsemästoista studioalbumi yhtyeen 47 vuotta kestäneellä levytysuralla, jonka varrelta Angus Young valitsi vuonna 1977 julkaistun ”Let There Be Rockin” yhtyeen määrittäväksi albumiksi haastattelussa sveitsiläisen SFR3-kanavan kanssa:

””Let There Be Rock”for me, is the album. And the reason why I like ”Let There Be Rock” is because my brother George Young – who was producing it – when he said to us in the beginning when we were making that record, he had me and Malcolm and he was sitting with us and said, ”What sort of album do you wanna do this time?” And Malcolm just looked at me and he said ”We just want an album that’s just gonna be pure hard rock guitar.”

”And I thought it was great because everyone else in the world was into whole other genres. There was punk music, there was new wave, there was all this other stuff that was coming out. And I just thought, ”This is pure magic.” That album defined AC/DC in my eyes. That’s when I went, ”This is a great band.””