Anthrax julkaisi lyriikkavideon tulevalta albumiltaan

Anthrax_Hartwall_Arena_0712_2015_h_Pasi_Eriksson_PhotographyYhdysvaltalainen thrash metalin legenda Anthrax julkaisee huomenna uuden ”For All Kings” -nimisen albuminsa ja Kaaoszinen tuomion levystä voit jo lukea tästä. Yhtye on nyt julkaissut Yahoon kautta katsottavaksi lyriikkavideon ”Breathing Lightning” -nimisestä kappaleestaan ja voit katsoa tuon lyriikkavideon tästä:

Yhtyeen kitaristi Scott Ian on kommentoinut kappaletta seuraavasti:

”Lyrically, it’s another song that was influenced by Stephen King. I hadn’t been there in a while, I feel like, and Stephen King has been such a giant part of my life. His ’Dark Tower’ series is… If I had to pick one thing that I love the most from him, it would be ’The Dark Tower’ books, ’cause there’s seven books, so I don’t have to choose one. The character Roland, it’s just something that stays with me a lot, this character from those books. So I kind of re-entered that world again. ’Cause I wrote [’Lone Justice’] way back when, on the ’Spreading The Disease’ record, which was based on that character, and I decided to re-visit it, because, metaphorically, there’s so many things you could use it for. But then I kind of wrap it up all in this giant ball of this Roland character from ’The Dark Tower’ series, because I just love that world so much. So I’m kind of weaving in and out of reality and fantasy in that song. And ’Breathing Lightning’, of course, is a metaphor for shooting.”

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