Anthraxin Scott Ian: ”Lemmyn kuolema jätti rock n´rolliin aukon jota ei voi koskaan paikata”

Anthrax Scott Ian 2015Yhdysvaltalaisen thrash metalin legendan Anthraxin kitaristi Scott Ian on kirjoittanut RollingStonelle lyhyen muistokirjoituksen Motörheadin edesmenneeseen Lemmy Kilmisteriin liittyen. Voit katsoa miehen muistokirjoituksen Lemmylle tästä:

”MOTÖRHEAD were arguably one of the most important bands in the history of rock music. They were an amazingly hard-working band. They were out there touring every single year. There’s nobody else like that out there.

”It’s hard to think about a world without Lemmy. It’s been a constant in my life since 1980. It leaves a giant hole that will never be filled.

”Even with Lemmy and his lifestyle — and he was 70 years old — there was an air of invincibility about the guy. He truly was a modern-day pirate. As much of a bummer as it is, I’m celebrating his life and the fact that he really did go out on top. He finished a tour two weeks ago playing headline shows at venues in Europe that were some of the biggest shows MOTÖRHEAD had ever done.”

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