Arch Enemyn Alissa White-Gluz nimesi suosikkinaislaulajansa: ylistää Battle Beastin Noora Louhimoa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 9.2.2022

Arch Enemyn laulajana toimiva Alissa White-Gluz on antanut hiljattain Cameon kautta videohaastattelun Sobre La Dosikselle, jossa on listannut omat suosikkinaislaulajansa. Alissa on nimennyt omiksi suosikkilaulajikseen mm. Brody Dallen The Distillersista, Jonis Joplinin, Lzzy Halen Halestormista mutta nostaa myös jalustalle kotimaisen heavy metal -yhtye Battle Beastin laulajan Noora Louhimon, jota ylistää haastattelussa. Voit lukea mitä kerrottavaa White-Gluzilla oli aiheeseen liittyen tästä:

”That is such a tough question. Even more broadly, if I had to choose one vocalist of all time as my favorite, I really don’t know who I would say. I could probably choose, like, a top five or even, like, a top three, potentially. But there’s so many different vocalists that I love for different reasons. So my answer might change depending on the day. I would say right now, in this exact moment in time, I’m gonna say that my favorite female vocals are Brody Dalle from THE DISTILLERS because she’s just got so much attitude and it’s so raw and that’s, like, her true voice, which I love. But, of course, I also love Lzzy Hale [from HALESTORM] because she’s just technically amazing and she’s got a beautiful tone. I love Noora [Louhimo] from BATTLE BEAST because she’s just absolutely incredible. Janis Joplin… There’s so many amazing, amazing female vocalists that totally inspire me every time I see them or hear them and really push me to keep on trying to improve and just get better at my own singing.”