Arch Enemyn varhaisille faneille iloisia uutisia: yhtyeen varhainen kokoonpano Black Earth nauhoitti kaksi uutta kappaletta tulevaa kokoelmaa varten

Ruotsalaisen melodista death metalia soittavan Arch Enemyn entisistä sekä nykyisistä jäsenistä koostuva, bändin kolmen ensimmäisen albumin tuotantoa livenä esittävä Black Earth on ollut hiljattain studiossa nauhoittamassa kaksi uutta kappaletta tulevaa kokoelma-albumia varten. Kokoelma-albumi tulee koostumaan Arch Enemyn kolmen ensimmäisen albumin parhaista kappaleista ja sille tulee bonuksena myös nuo kaksi täysin uutta kappaletta. Arch Enemyn kitaristi Michael Amott on paljastanut asian Masa Ito’s Rock TV:n tuoreessa haastattelussa ja kertonut prosessista seuraavaa:

”Together with Trooper Entertainment, we’ve put together a compilation of our favorite tracks from the first, second and third album that featured these guys — with Johan [Liiva on vocals] and Chris [Amott on guitar] and everything,” he said (see video below). ”And we’ve put together a compilation album of that ’90s material. It’s been remastered here in Japan. I actually attended the mastering session last week, and it sounds incredible. It really brought the old tracks… it gave them a new life. And then we actually recorded two new songs in Sweden. So we’ve been quite busy with that.”

”It’s quite complicated getting everybody together to do that. But we wrote these two new songs. I wrote one with Chris, and then I wrote one myself. They’re called ’Burn On The Flame’ and ’Life Infernal’ — two brand new tracks that are kind of in the style of what we used to do, I think. And they turned out really amazing too. We actually went back to Fredrik Nordström’s studio, Fredman, where we made the first three records. So we worked with the original producer. And he mixed it, and it sounds really powerful — very cool.”

”The recording experience was very, very strange experience, ”because we just picked it up where we left off. After about an hour or so, we were doing the same kind of jokes and the same kind of chemistry,” he explained. ”And the sounds as well. I was thinking maybe it was gonna sound very different. Also because of us — we all progress and change over the years, and develop. And also Fredrik, of course. He had a new studio now, with some different equipment. But actually, he just managed to get that old-school sound. And it was a lot of fun. Kind of a little bit nostalgia.”

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