Armed For Apocalypselta uusi albumi heinäkuussa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 31.5.2013

Armed For Apocalypse The Road Will EndYhdysvaltalainen metallia soittava Armed For Apocalypse on asettanut uuden albuminsa nimeksi ”The Road Will End”. Albumi julkaistaan heinäkuun 23. päivä Ironclad Recordingsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi albumin tiedot sekä yhtyeen viesti levyyn liittyen.

“The Road Will End is the best group of songs any of us has ever been associated with. We put this album through an extremely strong filter and put every single riff under the microscope. We kept challenging each other to not just write a riff, but to write thee riff. If it didn’t force us make that ‘oooh’ face and bang our heads in the practice spot, it got cut. We wanted to make an album that was stacked with heaters from beginning to end – no filler tracks – and we feel we’ve accomplished that. We hope it gets the stamp of approval from our fellow metal heads around the world!”

01 – “The Starting Line Is A Trip Wire”
02 – “Better Worlds”
03 – “The Well”
04 – “Open Wound”
05 – “Built To Kill”
06 – “The Road Will End”
07 – “Worth The Weight”
08 – “Drawing A Line”
09 – “Happy Hour (Disciple Of Death)”
10 – “Ends Meet”